Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creative Combos - YM Weston - 10/13/2010

This fun combination was created by students in class on October 13, 2010.  We began with each student drawing a movement from a basket.  Then students were paired up to create a short combo using each move.  Finally, all combos were strung together to create the following choreography.

Start with weight evenly distributed; facing audience; Temple Overhead Arms.

Combo A
Created By: Arlene and Chris

1-4: With Temple Overhead Arms, Head Slide R-L-R-L.
5-8: Float arms down to Rounded Framing Hips.
1-4: Slow and even Up/Down Shimmy (R up-down-up-down, L is opposite on each).
5-8: While raising arms up to Temple Overhead and maintaining Up/Down shimmy, Turn 1/4 turn to the R to face the R wall.

Combo B
Created By: Dee and Rita

1-4: While floating arms down to Modified T, L Hip Lift front-back-front-back.
5-8: Up/Down Shimmy with Crossing Arms.
1-4: Grapevine (step R foot behind L, step L open, step R foot in front, step L open).
5-8: R Hip Lift front-back-front-back.
1-4: Up/Down Shimmy with Crossing Arms.
5-8: Use the following to turn ¼ turn to the L to face the audience: Step L foot behind with 1/8 turn to L, Step R foot beside with another 1/8 turn to L. Step L foot in place, Step R foot in place.

Combo C
Created By: Dana, Keum, and Robyn

1-4: R Serving Arm. L Serving Arm.
5-8: R Serving Arm. L Serving Arm.
1-4: R Hip Lift front-back-front-center, change weight.
5-8: L Hip Lift front-back-front-center.
1-8: Up/Down Shimmy with Floreos as raising to Temple Overhead Arms.

*Repeat from beginning.

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