Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Motion365 - Day 129: Al Sahid

This is a duplicate blog entry from Motion365, my personal dance adventure from 2010-2011.  Notable entries have been copied to this blog so students and fellow dancers may enjoy the ponderings and combos created from the experience.

April 27, 2011
Song: Al Sahid (3:30) by Knossos from Dark Light in the Wake of Silence

I hold high reverence for the vessel known as my body.  It is an amazing work of art filled with wisdom and talents far beyond my mind’s comprehension or as seen by my eyes.  I am so very grateful for the blessings my body bestows upon me and for my ability to use my body in ways which bring me such passion and joy.

I’m always astonished by the extreme ability of the body to remember repetitive motions within its muscles.  It’s probably been well over a year since I last attempted to remember the choreography I created for Al Sahid.  Tonight I pulled up my notes and, after three short walkthroughs, I was able to mostly manage it with music as though I’d been dancing it for years and years.  (Quite a relief as I’m intended to resurrect this choreography in some of my upcoming classes!)

Curious about the choreography?  While video is not yet available, you can download this Adobe PDF for all the details: Al Sahid Choreography

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