Saturday, June 11, 2011

Motion365 - Day 174: Cybele

This is a duplicate blog entry from Motion365, my personal dance adventure from 2010-2011.  Notable entries have been copied to this blog so students and fellow dancers may enjoy the ponderings and combos created from the experience.

June 11, 2011
Song: Cybele (3:05) by Solace from Bellydance Underworld

I am always heartened when I watch “stars of movement” perform and use the same motions I also use in my dances.  In a great wide world, it connects us and makes us kindred.  We share a common language and bond in movement.

Tonight I danced with a movement artist who inspires me to be daring, sassy, graceful, humble, poppin’, joyful, and unique - Miss Kami Liddle.  As I shimmied and shook with the DVD version of this amazing woman, I thought about breath along with controlled motion, and abandonment into bliss.

Today I learned I will be able to study with my favorite dancer for two full days at the end of July.  Four workshops and a headlined show filled with Kamiliciousness.  I am beyond psyched and yet serene at the same time.

I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Liddle perform with the Bellydance Superstars in 2005 or 2006.  Then I took a bhangra workshop with her at Tribal Revolution in 2006.  And I again received the joy of seeing her perform in 2010 with BDSS.  (It’s quite possible I also saw her with BDSS in 2008 or 2009 as well.)  Now, knowing I’ll have four full workshops over the course of two days with her is like an amazing dream coming true!

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