Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Combos - YM Weston - 03/21/2012

This fun combination was created by students in class on March 21, 2012 (YMCA).  We began with each student drawing a movement from a basket.  Then students were paired up to create a short combo using each move.  Finally, all combos were strung together to create the following choreography. 

Works with: Tabla Toy by Beats Antique

Start with weight on the L, R foot ready; facing audience.

Combo A
Created By: Erin and Natalie

1-8:   Snake Arms R-L-R-L.
1-8:   Egyptian Basic L-R-L-R.
1-8:   ATS Camel (L arm up, R arm up with L leg out, CCW ribs)
1-8:   Snake Arms R-L-R-L.

Combo B
Created By: Jenny and Krista
This section is danced with partners.

1-8:   Walking Hip Lifts traveling back R-L-R-L.
1-4:   Blossoming Lotus (to the audience).
5-8:   Raise arms overhead with two Floreos as each partner turns to face center stage (which makes the partners face each other).

1-8:   A: Walking Hip Lift traveling forward (toward partner) while bringing arms down behind head.
         B: Walking Hip Lift traveling back (away from partner) while bringing arms down behind head.
1-4:   Blossoming Lotus (to partner).
5-8:   With the hip facing the audience, Pivot Bump (to the front of the body) a full 360 degrees. End facing your partner again.

1-8:   Blossoming Lotus (to the ceiling).
1-4:   A: Head Slide R-L-R-L.
         B: Head Slide L-R-L-R.
5-8:   With the hip farthest from the audience, Pivot Bump ¼ turn to face the audience while bringing arms down.

*Repeat from beginning.

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