Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creative Combo - YM Weston - 03/14/2012

This fun combination was created by students in class on March 14, 2012 (YMCA).  We began with each student drawing a movement from a basket.  Then students were paired up to create a short combo using each move.  Finally, all combos were strung together to create the following choreography.

Start with weight evenly distributed; facing audience; Rounded Framing R Hip (arms).

Combo A
Created By: Erin and Jenny

1-4:   Floreo hands at R hip and then Floreo again while opening to “L” Arms Focus R.
5-8:   R Choo Choo.
1-4:   Floreo hands in place and then Floreo again while changing to “L” Arms Focus L.
5-8:   L Choo Choo.
1-8:   Egyptian Basic (start L).
1-4:   Trace arms down R/L side of body.
5-8:   R arm comes up tracing the stomach and around the head (L ear, back of head, R ear), trace under the chin (to the L).  Reverse hand back under the chin to the R with a sassy throw.

Combo B
Created By: Krista and Natalie

This full combination can be done on the L as well.
1-4:   R Double Rock (x2).
5-8:   Pelvic Lift (x4) R-center-L-center.
1-4:   R Grapevine (R cross front, L open, R cross behind, L open).
5-8:   R cross, L touch out, L cross, R touch out.

1-8:   R Double Rock (x4) with ½ turn to face back.
1-4:   Snake Arms: R arm snake up from hip to T.  L arm snake up from hip to T.
5-8:   Head Slide R-L-R-L.
1-4:   Slide arms behind head and down while turn to the R to face the front (R toe pivot).
5-8:   Table Top Arms. Head slide R-L-R-L.

*Repeat from beginning.

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