Monday, March 7, 2011

Motion365 - Day 078: Doubt

This is a duplicate blog entry from Motion365, my personal dance adventure from 2010-2011.  Notable entries have been copied to this blog so students and fellow dancers may enjoy the ponderings and combos created from the experience.

March 7, 2011
Song: Doubt (4:06) by Delphic from Acolyte

When in doubt, glute it out. 

Whether standing or sitting, lying face down or face up, there is something incredibly soothing about working the glutes through a series of squeezes. 

Squeeze one - release.  Squeeze the other release.
Squeeze both - hold - release.  Squeeze both - hold - release.
Quick squeeze both and release both.
Squeeze right two - release.  Squeeze left two - release.
Squeeze right - hold - squeeze left - hold - release right - release left.

And the combos squeeze on and on.

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